California Drought Continues To Be A Serious Issue

California Drought Continues To Be A Serious Issue

In a follow-up to this report from The Weather Channel that we addressed in an earlier news article, we thought that awareness about the drought situation in California is important to follow. This recent article from BBC News tells more about the worst Californian drought in more than a century.

The craziest part is that bottled water companies are still extracting water from California and using it to hydrate the masses. We need to find more sustainable options when it comes to water, because as one of our dearest natural resources, running out would be catastrophic.

What we don’t realize in the United States is that running, drinkable water is a privilege. Many countries don’t have easy access to water and/or drinking water and it makes life extremely painful and difficult. It’s important that we treat water and our environment with more respect for the sake of our future survival.

Many restaurants are switching to bottled water systems, because they provide a higher quality product at a lower cost. The most important part about them though is their positive impact on the environment. You don’t need to drink from a plastic bottle to get clean water. Unfortunately, spring and purified water companies have talked us into dependence upon them.

A water bottling system is common in many homes as well. It’s an easy way to get fresh and crisp still and carbonated water without the need for an advanced filtration system. It’s cost effective and more sustainable than getting water deliveries to the home.

We will continue to follow the drought issue in California and water related news in an attempt to educate about our need for more sustainable water options.

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