California Drought Article Not To Miss

A recent article written by Alan Heathcock entitled Zero Percent Water is a must read for anyone who cares about the California drought and the future of our environment. The story is an eyewitness account of what’s going on with the farmers greatly affected by the drought, and the general population’s ignorance when it comes to what they’re consuming and the effect that it has on the environment. Hearing what the farmers have to say gives a face to a serious issue that seems doomed to only get worse.

Using a bottled water system where wastewater is reduced and reliance on commercial plastic and retail bottled water is a necessity. The need for the human body to hydrate from a clean water source is important, but this does not need to happen at an extra cost to the environment.

Pay attention to what you are buying, even if you’re not in a state affected by drought. Retail water products often come from California, a state that cannot afford to produce the water that this country is so dependent on. The United States is a large country, and society usually prescribes to the out of sight, out of mind approach when it comes to environmental issues. If we do not pay attention to the water and plastic we consume, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We still have a choice, and awareness is imperative.

If a water bottling system is not an option, be conscious of what you’re drinking. Is it a burden to the environment? There are many purified water options that can give you what you want at less of an environmental burden. Please read this article to get a better understanding of exactly what the farmers in California are dealing with and start doing what you can to preserve one of our greatest resources.

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