Blue Hill Redefining Farm To Table

The term “farm to table” is thrown around left and right in the culinary world these days. However, what Blue Hill has done not only with their restaurants, but the farming infrastructure behind them is nothing short of amazing.

The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is the shining example of the difference they are making in the locally sourced food space. When it comes to sustainable farming, they are really making a difference in not only supplying restaurants with the best fresh produce, but actually making it their responsibility to educate the masses about sustainable agriculture. Take a look at their website here to really get an idea of the scope of this amazing farm and project.

“Here at Vero Water, we are honored to have such an amazing partner whose innovation and drive matches ours perfectly,” said David Deshe, founder of Vero Water. “The future is now and organizations like Blue Hill push us to be a better company with a greater positive environmental impact. We look forward to our relationship in the years to come.”

When it comes to in-house filtered water, Vero water is quickly becoming the name in clean, refreshing and cost effective commercial and personal hydration. Many of the best restaurants and hospitality groups in the United States agree. Vero not only saves their clients money, but also provides them with a technologically superior, environmentally aware and sophisticated water bottling system. To learn more about Vero Water, check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Intstagram pages.