Big Water Problems In São Paulo Causing Scare

The drought situation in São Paulo is only getting worse. In a recent New York Times article that can be found here, Simon Romero outlines what’s really going on in Brazil’s largest city.

The argument is that the drought was caused by population growth, pollution and deforestation, all issues that are still going on. They claim that the trees in the Amazon River Basin are being cut down and that negatively impacts the ability for humidity to be released into the air, changing the natural ecology and decreasing rainfall.

Long story short, the climate change issues in São Paulo are critical. People not only have to ration water, but are also drilling their own wells. Public school students don’t have water to brush their teeth. People are legitimately going without bath water and drinking water is becoming scarce.

More than thirty percent of the city’s treated water is lost due to leaks and stealing. Things are rapidly getting worse and something needs to change or else there may be irreversible damage.

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