Bâtard and Vero Water: Bringing The Future To The Present

Bâtard and Vero Water: Bringing The Future To The Present

It’s only fitting that Bâtard, the restaurant that Alan Richman calls the “Next Generation Of Fine Dining,” in his GQ review has partnered with Vero Water for their purified water needs. Austrian chef Markus Glocker, a former chef for Gordon Ramsey in New York amongst others, is known for his amazing skills in the kitchen. And don’t forget about his chicken schnitzel, which is the perfect expression of his Austrian roots.

Restaurant bottled water is a direction that Bâtard and other fine dining establishments are switching over to for its cost effectiveness and the clean tasting water experience. When spending large amounts of money on a meal, commercial bottled still or sparkling water is the norm. This is not only expensive for the restaurant and the diner, but also at a cost to the environment.

We have all the resources to not rely on commercial bottled water anymore. A water bottling system is the perfect, sophisticated solution to all fine dining establishment’s water needs. By relying on tap water as opposed to bottled water, restaurants no longer need to deal with water deliveries and wasteful plastic and glass bottles. Good clean water does not require a large footprint, and amazing new restaurants like Bâtard understand and thrive on that concept.

When it comes to bottled water systems, Vero water is quickly becoming the name in clean, refreshing and cost effective commercial and personal hydration. Many of the best restaurants and hospitality groups in the United States agree. Vero not only saves their clients money, but also provides them with a technologically superior, environmentally aware and sophisticated purified water experience. To learn more about Vero Water, check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Intstagram pages.  

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