American Cut Serving Steak A Cut Above The Rest

Newer steakhouse and Vero Water client American Cut is wowing diners and critics alike. There was an amazing review recently in New York Eater, comparing American cut to the classic steak house Delmonico’s. If you’re a meat lover, these are your dream places.

Chef Marc Forgione does some new things in the kitchen that veer away from the standard steak house menu and preparation. He brushes the steaks with what he calls the “mop”, a delicious blend of dry aged beef fat, butter, garlic and herbs before broiling them.

The smoked steak rubbed with pastrami spices is another innovation that Forgione delivers with. As the reviewer observed, he does a great job of taking New York classics and adding a twist to them. The traditional steakhouse is here to stay, but as American Cut shows, there’s always room for something new.

With things changing so rapidly, it’s amazing that an old favorite has lasted through all the years. Add American Cut as a new member to the list of iconic steakhouses in the United States. Definitely a meal not to miss.

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