3 Facts That You Might Not Know About Bottle Water

3 Facts That You Might Not Know About Bottle Water

Commercial bottled water is everywhere. Many people not only drink it because of convenience, but also because of the idea that it’s the cleanest water out there. The problem with that “idea” is that if you look a little deeper, you’ll see that maybe that water in your plastic bottle is not as clean as you thought it was. Also, what it takes to make that bottle of water and its environmental impact is not common knowledge. Below are 3 facts that you might not know about commercial bottled water:

1. The water that you think is spring water may actually be filtered water from a municipal source. Dasani and Aquafina are two water companies that come to mind with this fact. They are both just commercially bottled reverse osmosis tap water, not water that is sourced from a spring or a special place.

2. That convenient bottle takes thousands of years to biodegrade. Once you finish drinking that delicious bottle of water and throw it away, where does it go? The short answer is nowhere. Wherever that bottle ends up, be it a landfill or hopefully not in the ocean, it will just sit there as it slowly breaks down over thousand of years.

3. It takes water to make bottled water. The amount of water it takes to make a bottle of water is astounding. While activists and water companies always come out with numbers that benefit their cause, it could take at least 5 times as much water to make that bottle of water you’re drinking conservatively. If it’s less or more, the numbers are clear. Drinking bottled water is inefficient.

You have to drink water, but you have a choice what water to drink. Bottled water makes sense for its convenience, but beyond that, it just doesn’t. It’s 2014 and there are many other ways to get great clean water at a fraction of the cost and burden to the environment.

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