Tishman Speyer

 Tishman Speyer

Locations: Corporate Offices Throughout the United States

Since their founding in 1978, Tishman Speyer has acquired, developed and operated a portfolio of over 174 properties in North America, encompassing approximately 89 million square feet of commercial space and more than 80,000 residential units throughout major metropolitan markets.  The company is committed to developing and operating properties that deliver
enduring value — to occupants and local communities around the world. Contributing to the
development of vibrant, beautiful and environmentally sound communities is essential to their success, so for their bottled water needs, Tishman Speyer turns to Vero Water.  Whether at Manhattan’s iconic Rockefeller Center or in Boston,  Atlanta, San Francisco or Washington D.C., Tishman Speyer knows they can rely on Vero to provide great taste Still and Sparkling water for everyone to enjoy.

Offers Vero Water to their employees and guests as a luxurious amenity

Some of Tishman Speyer's world reknown signature properties include New York’s Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Center, Chicago’s Franklin Center and San Francisco’s One Bush Street.



Learn more about Tishman Speyer on their website and for more information about offering Vero Water to your guests, click here